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I believe making music is as much about joy as about skill, and should be taught that way at every level. Want to improvise or compose? With a Bertelsmann World of Expression award for songwriting, I’ve written for multiple genres. You can, too. And when you talk, I listen—you can be confident that your piano and songwriting lessons will take you exactly where you want to go.

One of the best teachers I've ever had in anything.
stars T. B., Los Angeles

Russell Cornwell, Studio Principal

Find Your Spark.

Want to improvise or compose? With a World of Expression award for songwriting, I can teach you to write for multiple genres.

Forge Your Path.

It’s your way or the highway. Your music lessons will take you exactly where you want to go.

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There are lots of ways to shine.
Let’s find yours, together.

My son loved his first lesson. Said this was a great teacher—one of the best he’s ever had in anything! Now, my daughter wants to start lessons too.
Maggie B.

Russell has kept my son challenged and motivated with music he’s already interested in. The lesson summaries are amazingly detailed!
Jessica T.

One month in, I have dozens of song ideas. It was such a relief to discover I wasn’t bad at writing music—I just didn’t know how it was done.
Pedro R.

My fear of mistakes is gone. They’re opportunities! Now I can make up songs & fake my way through stuff I don’t know. Oh, hello, confidence.
Benyamin K.

This teacher gave me good support and really nurtured me. Not cold or judgy like my old teacher. He helped me work through difficulties step by step.
Raqi D. F.

My lessons are unique to what I want to learn, and the teacher treats me like an adult. His enthusiasm is straight 🔥 10/10 would recommend
Emma H.

Pretty different from the old-school piano lessons you’re thinking of. A lot of what we do is like tossing a ball back and forth. More fun than work.
Henry Y.

I just keep marveling that *I’m* doing this. Being able to make music is so transporting, it’s almost therapeutic! Worth the money without question.
Tabatha G.

Learn to play piano

Learn to

Play piano

Great for beginners of all ages
Personalized with care for you
Easy and safe via Skype

Learn to improvise

Learn to


Ideal for developing pianists
Even mix of theory & technique
Designed to get you flying fast

Become a songwriter

Become a


Best for intermediate musicians
Piano knowledge recommended
Tricks, insights & hands-on training

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stars Unlock your potential as a creative pianist, then choose your own musical adventure to learn your favorite songs, write, or improvise!

stars Kickstart your songwriting by brainstorming an entire album in 30 days…no prior experience required. Songwriting comes first in my studio!

stars Inspire your child to spend a lifetime of making music by starting with their favorite songs on piano…while discovering their own inner muse!

stars Enjoy a free trial lesson online and contact-free!

Whether you’re an adult or the parent of a child age 8+, you’ve just found the studio for you. Welcome home!